Being a pianist

Time ago a very old lady was playing the piano in a piano store: she played so wonderful that I felt compelled to tell her how much I enjoyed her playing… She was not famous, I guess, she was “just” a pianist. She told me a little bit about her life. Then she asked me if I could play Bach’s Italian Concerto… (well…she added…since you are Italian ).” Yes, I can”, I answered. And then without even thinking so much, as her words were spoken from another world, she told me to always work on my own projects, no matter what … Continue reading Being a pianist


I usually do not like to review my own concerts, but right now I feel I can make an exception, at least for the concert venue. A few days ago I had the privilege to enjoy the pleasure of being a musician at “Pause Art House” in Buffalo, NY. Never having been in that new place or in that area, I did not know exactly what to expect as a musician. First of all it was a surprise to discover this café that combines elegance with comfort, culture with the art of lounging surrounding himself with beautiful things (“Pausa”, in … Continue reading PAUSA!