Letter to a parent: about quitting and practicing the instrument

” I am thinking since yesterday about your wish to stop the lessons for your children and I am sincerely not “disappointed” but … it let a “bad feeling”: that one kid wants to quit would be ok, but that also means I was wrong in some ways. 

Instilling a work discipline in the children is my job: it is not that I want them to do what they don’t want to, but,like in everything, if something requires daily practice, it would be wrong if I wouldn’t tell them and try to get them to do it (somehow,with parents’ support)! This doesn’t mean that they or you have to give up!
Every student has the same problem, your kids are not the only one “forgetting” to practice: I have never seen a child practicing daily without any “suggestion” from the parents (from “you do first that and then that” to “if you haven’t practiced,you will not… “) and if they do, if they would practice all on their own, it would also mean you have to look closely to the kind of lesson that they are taking, as probably it is not bringing them anywhere.
Sure, they would practice if they would have some “very easy” assignments, but this would be also not good, as in that case they are also wasting their time in “moving” fingers without any sense on the keyboard and without using their brain, improving their abilities. And “improving”means also that I should first do something that I don’t know, which as first can seem to be difficult.
Your kids were doing so well at the beginning of the year until December! And, despite the less practicing in the second half of the year, they are still doing well:
I don’t know if you had the chance to listen to them recently… “

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